Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival

Since 2017, the annual festival Amersfoort Jazz is successfully hosting the Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival. The purpose of this event is to foster international careers by creating an environment for finalists from jazz and world music competitions worldwide. Besides performing at the festival Amersfoort Jazz, the laureates establish global connections and start meaningful collaborations through the exchange of talents. The festival enables international laureates to network with festival directors from around the globe.

The Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival is an initiative by Dutch music organizations JazzNL, Sena Perfomers and NTB, in alignment with Amersfoort Jazz. It relies on the commitment of international jazz & world festivals and competitions. André Le Roux, managing director of South African Music Rights Organization (SAMRO) sees this initiative as the beginning of a longlasting collaboration: “This festival creates an opportunity for our scholarship winners to make an international breakthrough and participate in important master classes”.

For 2019, the following laureates are endorsed:

• Alex Hirlian (AUS) endorsed by Wangaratta, Australia
• Wanda Baloyi (SAF) endorsed by Joy of Jazz, South-Africa
• SaXPackGirl (THA) endorsed by Huahin Jazz Festival
• Arthur Endo (BRA) endorsed by Musica do Mundo / Savassi Jazz Festival
• Jason Eduwaiti (SUR) endorsed by Suriname Jazz Festival
• Sun-Mi Hong (KOR/NLD) endorsed by Amersfoort Jazz
• Ákos Fekecs Quartet (HUN) Babel Jazz Festival
• Dmitry Ilugdin Trio (RUS) endorsed by Usadba Jazz Festival
• JazzBIT (ROM) endorsed by Brasov Jazz & Blues Festival
• Cazzip Project (TUR) endorsed by Yeldegirmeni Spring Jazz Festival (Istanbul)
• Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even Duo  (LUX/ISR) endorsed by Luxembourg Jazz Meeting